Ava’s Nursery!

This weekend, Sley and I (well mostly Sley) finished hanging things up in the room! We have one more baby shower coming up and we are so ready for sweet Ava’s arrival. We just love how her room has come together.


Sley’s cousin made us this cute sign so we decided to put it on the outside of Ava’s bedroom door.




Here is what the room looks like from the door



And without further adieu, the rest of the nursery!



Mom found this idea on Pinterest and made it for Ava!




My VP had these next two things on my diaper cake and went perfectly with the room! I thought hanging them would make things magical!



Home girl has plenty of clothes!





We got the baskets from Dollar Tree. Best idea ever.




The basket here I got at Michaels half off!




Her drawers are as full as her closet!





One of my childhood friends made this bow holder for Ava! LOVE!




Car seat and diaper bag ready to go!





All that’s missing is our sweet baby! Less than 7 weeks and counting!


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