Growth Scan and a Shower

The title sounds so gross…like there is a scan of some sort of growth growing like mold when in reality, it was a simple ultrasound, measuring our little (well not so little) sugar booger! I wanted to go ahead and type this post instead of waiting until next week because my brain is SHOT. The ultrasound tech told me the info and I had already forgotten what she said by the time we walked out of the room so I had to get the doctor to repeat and even now I’m not 100% lol. Pregnancy brain is a real thing and it aint pretty, especially when I’m OCD and remember EVERYTHING.

So back to the ultrasound…it went very well! We didnt get to see her sweet face because she had her hands up and she was snuggling with my hip (sounds comfy, right?) but good news – she’s head down! And get this, shes measuring a week ahead so our sweet baby girl weighs about 4 pounds! The bigger she gets, the more relieve I am and the more I want her in my arms! Sley was so excited and kept singing “I love my 4 pound baby!”

In other news, 

my loving husband threw me under the bus when I asked the doctor about me gaining 3.5 pounds since my last appointment 2 weeks ago. I was asking if it was ok since until now, I’ve only been gaining about a pound a visit and she said it was ok, but she would’ve rather the number had been 1.5 but she wasn’t too worried about it. Then, Sley speaks up, “It’s probably all those chocolate milkshakes she’s been eating!” in which the doctor says, “yea, you should probably just limit the milkshakes to once a week” and Sley speaks back up, “yea, not once a day!” If I could’ve spit the death ray out of my eyes, he would’ve been ash on the floor. And it didn’t help that the night before, I had already had my once a week milkshake allowance. Oh well, this too shall pass! Only about 8-9 more weeks to go!

Then after work yesterday, we had our first baby shower! Ya’ll, my co-workers outdid themselves. Let’s just say the Jeep was jam packed on the way home with the cutest outfits, diapers, bibs, and other awesome things. I am so blessed to work with the most amazing people. Two women from my old branch even came to celebrate with us and that really meant a lot to us! Yesterday marks the beginning of baby showers for us, we have 1 once a week for the next 4 weeks! We are so blessed with amazing family and friends and we can’t wait for Ava to get here!


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