27 weeks 3 Days

27 weeks 3 Days

How far along?: 27 weeks, 3days

Baby is the size of a: Rutabaga

Total weight gain/loss: probably 10 lbs now…each scale I use is different so I’ll have a better number come next week at my appointment

The Bump: is beautiful…I’m looking more and more pregnant everyday instead of just looking fat/bloated

Pregnancy symptoms: crazy dreams, tired, HUNGRY…last week I have a stomach virus. I tell you, these past few weeks, I’ve been on a ROLL. Luckily, I’m getting rehydrated and gaining my appetite back.

Food Cravings: fresh fruit, Mexican, chocolate milkshakes, dynamite shrimp from Cheesecake Factory

Anything Making Me Queasy or Sick: fried livers, strong perfume

Sleep: is getting better. I’ve been staying with Grantis, sleeping on the couch, and other than not being used to sleeping with the heat on 70 and a 80lb dog thinking she and I both can fit on the couch, sleep hasn’t been too bad! (knock on wood)

What I miss: sleeping with my husband…(more on that later…)

Weddings Rings On or Off: Still on!

Any Names Picked Out Yet: Ava Catherine

Gender Prediction: It was confirmed, we are having a girl for sure!

Movement: This weekend I was lying on the couch and felt her kick me on the outside. Normally its just little kicks but this one moved my arm that was lying on my stomach. Then a few minutes later, I felt my skin pure stretch on my side like she was reaching out! The weirdest but most amazing feeling ever…and of course she has yet to do it again.

Maternity Clothes: I went digging through my closet and found some sweaters that fit from when I was with Brandon and huge…yay! More clothes!

Labor Signs: No and let’s keep it that way, at least for another 10 plus weeks!

Best Moment of the Week: last week- seeing my baby’s sweet face on ultrasound! And this weekend, feeling her move more and more!

What I’m excited about/looking forward to: baby showers and Sley getting the chance to feel her karate chop me


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